As a result of war, drought, HIV/Aids, Malaria and other natural calamities the number of Orphans and Widows is growing rapidly in Uganda. The 198 Baptist Churches under Arise Africa International have grown to an average of 35 orphans per Church. This brings a total estimate of 6,930 orphans for the ministry to care for.

2004 -2005
We focused on collection and analysis of orphan data in the communities of Bukaleba, Buyengo, Naminya, and Jinja Town. Data was collected for 540 orphans.


Data collection
We collected data for children between 1 to 12 years in 23 Churches in the communities of Bukaleba, Buyengo, Naminya, and Jinja Town.

Data analysis
From the collected data we realized that the need was tremendous and required holistic approach. Spiritual, Educational, Physical, Social, Medical

Realizing the need we started to work with the children in Naminya, Buwenda, Budondo, and Malindi as we planned to move into other districts.
2005 -2006

We aimed at meeting the orphan’s needs holistically.

Spiritual and Social needs.

1. We held monthly visits in Naminya, Buwenda, Budondo and Malindi Churches

2. Children were taught to trust God for their needs, work hard in school and be obedient to the guardians who take care of them.

3. The ministry donated footballs, toys and other games to help meet the children’s Physical needs.


1. Through visiting teams Arise Africa gave scholastic materials to orphans in Naminya, Buwenda, Malindi, and Budondo.

2. The ministry spent Shs1, 343, 500= in paying school fees for these Children and buying other scholastic materials.

1. The ministry spent Shs100,000= to purchase worm and nutritional medicines for orphans.

2. Arise Africa Medical programs extended its services to the orphans freely.
2006 -2007

Together with seeing the 2005 -2006 program continue, the ministry focused on involving the Church and the community to help in meeting the Orphans needs.
The ministry has completed training sessions and encouraged guardians (widows), the church, and their communities to take care of its orphans.


The Widows and Guardians were taught and encouraged to take up their responsibility in care of the Orphans:

1. They were taught how to begin local projects to help them become self supportive.

2. They were taught on the importance of bringing these Children to church and monitoring them at home to ensure that they grow in God’s fear.

3. They were taught on how to discipline the Children, especially the orphans who are very vulnerable.

The Church was encouraged to also take up its responsibility to care for the Orphans in that:

1. They recognize the orphans in the Church, give them roles, and support them in their gifts.

2. They make a contribution for the orphans as a church towards their needs and adopt fair distribution of these contributions.

3. They begin Church projects that will help them support the orphans.

4. They pray for the Orphans within them and in the whole nation.
The ministry gave Sh846, 000= towards orphans school fees.
In celebration of what the Lord had done, the ministry was able to share a meal with the orphaned Children in Naminya, Malindi, Buwenda, and Budondo.

Our focus in 2007-2008 is to see that we build a school where the orphans can have an education and be able to be home with their guardians during holidays. In partnership with IloveOrphans.com, 40,000 dollars has been raised to begin the orphan school at Bukaleba.

Arise Africa’s challenge is to see that:
The needs of the vulnerable orphans are met.
The widowers benefit from the program.
The guardians, widows, and the church become self supportive to be able to support the orphans.

These Children grow up to be useful and resourceful citizens of this nation as well as help other children in need of help.

Mrs. Joy Wanamitsa - Director Orphans Program
Ms. Monica Akullo. - Volunteer staff
Pastors, Church members, and Local Government Officials in areas where we operate.
Arise Africa Orphan and Widows program will continue to work towards seeing the less privileged children enjoy their rights as children, the future of this nation.
Prepared by Mrs. Joy Wanamitsa
Director A.A.I Orphans Ministry